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Beyond Genetics, Feed, Exercise and Environment . . . Skin and Hair are the two other components to a winning program. With the support of assorted Showstopper Supplements; programs across the country have been able to better achieve success in the showring ! Check out our Melatonin Implants Today!

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Melatonin Implants

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Starting at: $24.99

Winning Elements

Lets face it the most competitive winners in that make it to the backdrops are well hided and have that great shag look in their legs. Nothing beats consistent conditioning and grooming, but we also need to focus on what we can do internally.

The Use Of Melatonin

The use of Melatonin is widely used in the show industry to promote and stimulate hair/wool growth. Melatonin implants are easy to use and finally there is a formula that is affordable for anyone in the show industry to use.Our Show Stopper Oral supplement is a great customary formula made up of coconut oil, vitamins and Omega acids to keep your animals coat in tip top condition. It also tastes great so no worry about your little show kids having to do a daily drench. This is a top dress formula.

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Announcing Show Stopper Supplements Melatonin Implants!!!

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