Frequently Asked Questions
why melatonin?
Well science of course. Show stopper Supplements only is providing supplements based on recorded science and research . studies have shown that Melatonin has been proven to enhance the growth of hair.
Read the scholarly article on Melatonin implant efficacy
Why Implantable versus oral

Lets face it show families are BUSY. Between shows, feeding, travel, deadlines and oh yes. . . making sure your show kids schoolwork gets done we believe in keeping things simple. When things are easy, they get done. A monthly implant is easier to manage than your kid trying to remember to give it to them orally.

Compliance is the key to any supplement program. By implanting every 28 days you will insure the best levels of melatonin in your show animals system.

How to store

Show Stopper Supplements Implants are stable at room temperature and good up to 2 years. Its best of course to only order out a few months supply to insure the freshest and best state of the product

Is there something in SSS implants to counteract other feeds or supplements?

Currently there is nothing on the market to counteract or react to other products on the market.


How is ShowStopper Supplements different than others
Its the Products used to formulate the implants

At the end of the day we are livestock people producing a product for consumption and what goes into that animal must be in its purest state. When formulating a pellet of this size, most manufacturers will infuse product into a small silicone sleeve (if you have ordered from other companies you will understand) Silicone does not dissolve. Its why many human implants are made of this, therefore that silicone sleeve stays in the animal and can increase silicone levels as time goes on. Mass manufacturers have to do it this way, however in our facility implants are weighed individually and then pressed into more like a pill formation with enough mix powder to time release dissolve and give the animal a slower steady dose of melatonin with no silicone.